Social Ad Group win “Best Use of Tech by a Bookmaker or Gaming Company”

Friday 4th April 2014 saw us – The Social Ad Group – announced as winners of the Sports Technology Awards, 2014.  Victorious brands were selected by the elite of sport including Sir Clive Woodward, Olympian Tessa Sanderson, international referees Nigel Owens and Graham Poll as well as representatives from Twitter, WWE, NBA and NFL.

We fended off competition from industry giants William Hill and Colossus Bets to win the “Best Use of Technology by a Bookmaker or Gaming Company”, and are exremtely proud of our win.

We are a small start-up who launched in August last year, backed by some huge names in Sport and Gaming. Our innovative technology is looking to revolutionise digital advertising and affiliate marketing for bookmakers, by using social content to drive bets. In its simplest form, our technology,- Flutr – harnesses real-time social content from industry influencers and dynamically matches this to relevant betting opportunities.

Since launch, we have run campaigns with Ladbrokes, SkyBet, Bet365 and others and have found to convert 8x better than any standard banner ad.

Sion Mooney, COO, said ‘We’re delighted that Flutr has won this Sport Technology Award. As a start-up, having our innovative technology recognised by such a prestigious panel is great. With a huge summer coming up with the World Cup, we hope that this is the first of many!’

With technology influencing sport like never before, The Sports Technology Awards rewards and celebrates the best and most innovative technology advances within the sector.

Rebecca Hopkins, Director of the Sport Technology Awards explained ‘The influence of technology on sport continues to grow … The Sports Technology Awards have been created as a showcase for the companies which enhance all elements of the sector and the response has been amazing. It is testament to the work of The Social Ad group that they fought off significant competition to win the award.’

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For more information, please contact Fraser Dunk at The Social Ad Group:; 07824340954

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Start-up time….

In our start-up world everything is quite literally shiny and new.  We’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by cisco in their IdeaLondon space, so we don’t have to worry about dodgy desks, wonky  wifi or filling the printer.  This means we can really focus our energy on funding, product development and sales, which is awesome.  Which leads onto the discovery I made whilst chasing up a client – as I think I’ve have stumbled upon something….start-up time.

You find this strange new phenomenon when you send an email or make a call.  And it happens like this.  You make your sales  call or email and expect an immediate response.  Your product is so great why aren’t they calling you back?  They said they would….an hour passes, or is it a day? one day feels like a week and a week becomes a lifetime.   And it’s not just me, when i asked other people i got a shared sense of angst out of proportion to the reality… why do start-up people feel this way and what do we do about it?

NetManners email etiquette suggest that 2 days is the right time to wait before following up – this can be tough when you’re super-excited about an opportunity and your client has another 100 things on their to-do list…. So, manage your own expectations, don’t become a stalker and remember that start-up time is all in your mind.

If you have any experiences of start-up time let me know!

startup time