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Start-up time….

In our start-up world everything is quite literally shiny and new.  We’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by cisco in their IdeaLondon space, so we don’t have to worry about dodgy desks, wonky  wifi or filling the printer.  This means we can really focus our energy on funding, product development and sales, which is awesome.  Which leads onto the discovery I made whilst chasing up a client – as I think I’ve have stumbled upon something….start-up time.

You find this strange new phenomenon when you send an email or make a call.  And it happens like this.  You make your sales  call or email and expect an immediate response.  Your product is so great why aren’t they calling you back?  They said they would….an hour passes, or is it a day? one day feels like a week and a week becomes a lifetime.   And it’s not just me, when i asked other people i got a shared sense of angst out of proportion to the reality… why do start-up people feel this way and what do we do about it?

NetManners email etiquette suggest that 2 days is the right time to wait before following up – this can be tough when you’re super-excited about an opportunity and your client has another 100 things on their to-do list…. So, manage your own expectations, don’t become a stalker and remember that start-up time is all in your mind.

If you have any experiences of start-up time let me know!

startup time